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There is already a lot of information on the web about Shinichi Suzuki and his approach to music education for children. Check out my links page for some of it.

Basically, Dr. Suzuki found a way to teach music in the same way that babies learn to speak. Thus Suzuki is sometimes called the "mother-tongue method."

To me, the things that really set a Suzuki program apart from other music lessons are simple:

1) Parental involvement. Really, parents are more "responsible" for the child's ultimate success than merely "involved."

2) Private lessons and group lessons. Not just one or the other. My students do both every week.

Other aspects that define "Suzuki":

3) Start as young as possible.
4) Work step-by-step.
5) Rejoice in the small accomplishments along the way, not focused solely on learning the next whole song.
6) Don't read music and play at the same time until technique is mastered (kind of like how we don't teach a baby to read while they're just learning to speak).
7) Suzuki kids all around the world learn the same pieces... hence, a global Suzuki community through common repertoire.
8) Review those previously-learned pieces rather than forgetting them. This is how you attain mastery and make difficult techniques easy.
9) Provide an age-appropriate environment and process for daily practicing that maintains enthusiasm rather than treating practicing like a chore. (This is the hard part, parents!)

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